Tips for Starting A Lawn Care Business

Do you have a need for extra income and are able to dedicate extra hours each week towards that goal? Something as simple as starting a small lawn care business can help you meet your goals. If you enjoy being outside, understand the basics of lawn care and are prepared to work hard to meet customer expectations, a lawn care business might just be the answer to your needs.

With as few as a dozen customers you can maintain a part time business while still being employed at your full time job. Be prepared for a lot of work getting started and a lot of work providing your service. Follow these recommendations from the professionals for getting your small business off to a good start. Assuming you’re working with a very small budget to start your business, take advantage of the great savings Groupon has to offer. Shop at Sears for great value and selection to complete your lawn care tool needs. Invest in a simple bookkeeping app or software program to keep track of customers, prospects, income and expenses.  The only thing you are now lacking is customers. Given a very limited marketing budget, consider performing free lawn maintenance for a well-qualified prospect. Word of mouth and referrals are the best source of new customers for small businesses. Consider contacting any real estate agents you know and give them your contact information and description of services. They can be a great source of referrals. Let your customers know up front that you’ll be working evenings and weekends. Most will appreciate the heads up and no doubt support your industriousness.

Determine the services you are going to offer. Estimate the amount of time needed to complete the services and price them accordingly. Contact several established lawn care companies to get a range of prices that are acceptable in your marketplace. Because your costs will be substantially less than larger lawn care companies, you will be able to charge less than the larger competition while still providing a superior service. Best of luck to you!

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