K.S.I.M.A.R.P. K-P-9

K.S.I.M.A.R.P. K-P-9

Koma guidance in mechanical focus robotics system

The K.S.I.M.A.R.P. is a robot type for mechanical guidance Tachikoma robots professionals significant-conclude servicing system where repaired and made revisions bots, produced by the company AusGlobKoma

The K.S.I.M.A.R.P. KP are dependent on the outdated KB model, far more stable and with artificial intelligence with out “errors”, products B model, had been withdrawn immediately after the incident in the Satek moon, while the mechanical-travel design and style was revived by the good outcome They gave these renowned Komas examined in many fields

K.S.I.M.A.R.P. P-9, is outfitted with:

– Gesture interface program-created holograms
– Voice communication program and general public tackle program,
– Warning mild on function
– Two cameras in 3D, with extensive spectral assortment eyesight for diagnosing faults
– Real-time view window and communication with the pilot
– System Apprehension (unique model P-9)

The Koma P-9 are not typical see as these only marketed for specialized professionals with GW-7 license, which is devoted to open your business to care for and repair service all types of robots autonomously (a thing like smiths of the Center Ages).

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