Is Limu a Scam or Legit Opportunity? – Limu Review

I made the decision to investigate an opportunity named Limu because of to the number of ripoffs operating on-line, this is what I located out…

Limu as a company is a health and fitness consume maker. Its solution is stated to consist of significant vitamins that could be located in seaweed extracts from Tonga. Fucodian is among those vitamins. It is stated to provide about various health and fitness advantages including output of much more strength, bolstering of the immune system, enhancing blood glucose amounts, growing gastrointestinal functions, reducing cholesterol, and facilitating better snooze.

A bottle of Limu at the moment fees all-around $50 each. A bottle is about 83% made of pure limu. There are other ingredients that are included. Quite a few buyers are complaining about the trouble in inserting orders or buying a single. On the internet paying for would redirect anyone to two various Web-sites.

As a network marketing initiative, Limu claims immediate but extended phrase wealth creating. Its immediate money line involves ordering limu from the maker and selling it immediately with mark up revenue. There are incentives to inspire members to recruit much more future marketers. Just like any network marketing plan, you would earn commissions for each recruit produced by your recruits. Earnings would accumulate the much more the downline expands.

Wealth creating measure has essential attributes common of other marketing techniques. It presents a reward for further leadership improvement and various other membership alternatives. Acquire a starter kit to be capable to get started. This starter kit is needed as it includes various functional incentives. The cheapest kit is at $one hundred thirty. Extra highly-priced types could get as high priced as $720.

This seems to be a legit opportunity to go after, but what is missing?

You need to have suitable marketing understanding to make this opportunity work. I can say  that I have wasted a good deal of revenue on the Mistaken data. I use to do household meetings, simply call prospects, distribute brochures and even question my spouse and children and good friends to purchase my products. These strategies didn’t work.

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