How to Make a Presentation for Speech

Many business meetings make use of slideshows to explain the message more clearly to the audience. You must have seen professional slideshows and wonder how they create them. Actually, anyone can create a professional slideshow with a simple slideshow creator software like Movavi Slideshow Maker. Movavi slideshow maker features a timeline panel where you will be working with the picture slides.

To create a good slideshow, you must not use complicated pictures for the slides. The picture slides should be simple and only use for supporting the speaker. Slideshow that are cluttered with graphical information will not improve the understanding of the audience. The visual message of the slideshow will be more powerful if it is kept simple.

Once you have prepared the picture slides, you can select them with your mouse and drag them directly onto the timeline. After the picture slides are in the timeline panel, you can rearrange them into your preferred sequence. Movavi slideshow creator is equipped with several standard tools like crop, rotate, and split.

If there are too much empty space in the photo, you can use the crop tool to crop off them so that only the photo is occupied mainly by the subjects. You can use the scissor tool to split the photo into multiple parts. The rotate tool can rotate at 90 degrees each time. The rotate tool is useful when you accidentally shoot the picture in the wrong mode for example, you want the photo in landscape mode but you took the photo in portrait mode.

You can also add blocks of text to your presentation slideshow with the text feature. There are over 40 types of animated title styles that you can use to spice up the slideshow. To use a title style, you must drag it to the row above the slide that you want the text to appear. The title style can only be dropped in the T row in the timeline panel. Double clicking on the title style block in the timeline panel allow you to enter the desired text in the preview pane. The text that you enter will be shown in the T row in the timeline panel.

You can add soundtracks that will play every time the slideshow is being viewed. To add a soundtrack, you just have to drag the sound track file to the music row in the timeline. The music row is located under the picture slide row in the timeline. You can copy and paste the track in the timeline if you want it to play for a longer period.

You can also insert transition styles in Movavi Slideshow Maker. Most of the classic transition styles are supported. You can click the button beside the trash button to bring up the dialog box that let you select a transition for all the slide. You can also choose for random transitions to be applied onto the slideshow. You can set how long you want the transition to appear on the slideshow.

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